Embed Rings
As Wind Energy becomes more and more commonplace so will the need for qualified fabrication companies. Millwood Metalworks has the experience, understanding and state-of-the-art equipment to meet the demands associated with Wind Generation projects. Since 2001 our highly trained fabricators have been producing custom components for the Wind Industry, including:

  • Embed Rings
  • Template Rings
  • Concrete Forms

We specialize in Embed Rings and have more placed throughout the United States and Canada than any other fabrication shop. As part of the foundation for massive windmills / wind turbines, embed rings are an essential and important component of Wind Generation. Working with top cross-country freight haulers, Millwood Metalworks is able to ship half rings or full rings at your convenience without missing delivery dates.

Quick Fact:
At the close of 2012 Millwood Metalworks had over 9,600 embed rings in place throughout the United States and Canada. It would be hard to come by a more experienced, knowledgeable provider.


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